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Research & Development

OPV devotes its resources to R&D projects, OPV now solves the second follow-up project in cooperation with the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague, focused on decontamination of pesticides and heavy metals from groundwater, all research and development is under the auspices of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic TAČR.

An interesting feature of the R&D research of the OPV company is the achievement of significant results in the field of pesticide disposal in groundwater with our own nanotechnology product "CerACTIVE" which was developed in cooperation with the University of Chemical Technology in Prague. The technology is now offered commercially in the form of granules with fractions of different grain sizes, which you can see on the picture on the left. The use of cerium oxide nanoparticles is a completely innovative way to destabilize the aromatic nucleus in pesticide compounds, with which natural processes are often unable to cope and then represent a long-term burden on the environment. As part of the first stage of development, supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, hereinafter referred to as TAČR and ZÉTA program, this granulate was developed, protected by an industrial utility model with promising results against chlorinated pesticides. As part of the second research, which starts in the second half of 2020, this product will be applied to a new type of ceramic composite supports with the addition of titanium dioxide and graphene. This will further increase the decontamination efficiency of the newly developed filters.

Project outputs

Utility model, patent protection and methodology