Laboratory equipment and ISO certification of the OPV laboratory


ISO Laboratory & ISO certified sampling

The company is equipped with equipment whoch allow to obtain data in real time directly in the field. This significantly speeds up the management and coordination of work during the risk assesment or remediation works and increases the reliability and representativeness of the obtained data.

The equipment of our sampling group includes a number of special samplers and devices for sampling various substances and media. We are thus able to representatively take samples of virtually all types of pollutants bound to various matrices, whether it is water,soil or soil air, sediments, waste or building structures. Manual and machine drilling rigs allow us to take soil and rock samples in a regular network at selected depth intervals.


The company's own laboratory is able to analyze the most commonly occurring pollutants in soils and waters, and perform analyzes of drinking and waste vod. OPV laboratory have an equipped desktop and portable gas chromatograms (GC), and emergency analysis devices, located on terrain vehicle which allows quick action in case of accidents, transport associated with leaks of harmful substances, industrial accidents, etc.