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ECOLOGICAL AUDITS: The aim of an environmental audit is usually to determine the compliance of the company's activities with the requirements of generally binding regulations, standards and methodologies in the field of environment protection. The audit evaluates how the company meets the requirements of these regulations, whether its activities have created or are currently creating environmental burdens, determines the cost of corrective measures and the economic complexity of their implementation.

RISK ASSESSMENT ANALYSIS: The purpose of the risk analysis is to determine the degree of severity of pollution of the natural environment, which was usually determined by research or audit, and to further evaluate the risks arising from the existence of pollution for human health, ecosystems, etc. SUPERVISION ACTIVITY: Professional supervision includes a complex of works, the purpose is to provide to investors professional supervision over the implementation of remediation and exploration work in order to comply with optimal methodological procedures, quality and scope of project. Supervisions of the suppliers and efficiency of funds spent. We offer the processing of opponent assessments as part of the approval of the results of remediation, exploration, or other geological work by investors or administrative authorities. We process archive searches for the evaluation of a given area or locality in order to forecast its usability, eg in terms of groundwater abstraction, the risk of environmental burdens, the possibility of construction, land use planning, etc. EIA ASSESSMENTS: It is used to evaluate the effects of various investment plans on individual components of the environment according to Act No. 100/2001 Coll. as amended. We are able to process both complete reports for the investigation procedure or public hearing, as well as specialized professional parts.


GEOLOGICAL SURVEY: We usually perform services according to the requirements and needs of the customer for various purposes while respecting the requirements of Act No. 62/1988 Coll. as amended (Geological Act) and decrees for its implementation. The most important objectives of the survey include: indication and determination of the extent and extent of land pollution, identification of old environmental burdens and other types of geological surveys.

HYDROGEOLOGICAL SURVEY: Identification of the source of groundwater and surface water pollution, search and determination of quality and yield of groundwater sources, verification of surface water quality, hydrogeological assessment for deep wells, for heat exchanger pumps, assessment of potential risks for groundwater collection facilities in the area, including recommendations for groundwater monitoring of water sources, to eliminate risks against them. Implementation of hydrogeological supervision for larger drilling fieldworks of deep wells construction, including the implementation of control monitoring of water sources in the ner by area. ENGINEERING-GEOLOGICAL SURVEY: We perform engineering geological and hydrogeological surveys for buildings using a combination of field survey work (especially core drilling, excavated excavations, probes by dynamic penetration, macroscopic documentation with consistency measurement with a pocket penetrometer), laboratory work (eg classification analyzes of soils, determination of water aggressiveness on concrete structures), infiltration tests in probes (field determination of infiltration capacity of rock environment). Our evaluation reports include graphical representation of foundation conditions (engineering geological profiles of areas with geotechnical layers with their geomechanical characteristics) , with the bearing capacity of foundation soils, with the recommendation of alternative proposals for the foundation of buildings and with the recommendation of variants of rainwater infiltration. We also conduct surveys of landslide areas with risk assessment for buildings within their reach and surveys for small reservoirs to retain water to the landscape.


REMEDIATION OF CONTAMINATED LOCATIONS: We always offer the implementation of a comprehensive solution for remediation work, ie problem definition and analysis based on a thorough site survey, specification of risks associated with the existence of pollution, technical and economic evaluation and design of optimal remediation methods. Elaboration and discussion of the remediation intervention project and its comprehensive implementation. Based on a thorough analysis of the problem and local conditions, we always choose the optimal remediation procedures, both traditional and long-term proven methods and methods based on the latest knowledge in the field. We can quickly and efficiently evaluate the extent and degree of pollution, which allows us to compile current maps of contamination plumes and forecast its time evolution based on mathematical models using the latest software. For the decontamination of the polluted environment, we design and project the use of modern technological equipment with low energy intensity and minimal outputs of pollutants and HSE methods of waste management and disposal. We operate a decontamination area for the final biodegradation and disposal of waste with oil pollution. Of course, there is a proper analytical control of remediation procedures, also with QC and QA controls and proof of achieving the target concentration limits of the contaminants. To do this, we have modern field analyzers and our own laboratory, which allows us to optimally manage and coordinate remediation work and rapid implementation of the analytical results, while maintaining the required quality and time schedule. Each remediation intervention takes place according to a pre-approved project and is always properly evaluated by the final report in accordance with the requirements of generally binding regulations. We carry out the work comprehensively from the project, providing technical drilling and sampling work to the evaluation and processing of the final report.


The company is equipped with devices that allow to obtain real-time data directly in the field. This significantly speeds up the management and coordination of work during the surveys and remediation work and increases the reliability and representativeness of the obtained data. Our sampling team is equipped with a full SERIES OF SPECIAL SAMPLERS and sampling equipment for various substances and media. We are thus able to representatively take also QA and QC samples of virtually all types of pollutants bound to various matrices, whether it is water, soil, soil air, sediments of watercourses, waste or building structures. Manual and machine drilling rigs allow us to take soil and rock samples in a regular network at selected depth intervals. The company owns remediation technologies that allow the removal of the most common pollutants from groundwater. We also apply biodegradation technologies on the decontamination area. ISO CERTIFIED COMPANY LABORATORY our own laboratory is able to analyze most common pollutants in soils and waters and perform analyzes of drinking water and wastewater. We are also equipped with an emergency analysis kit devices located on an off-road vehicle, which allows quick survey/remediation, for example in accidents in transport associated with the release of harmful substances or in industrial accidents, etc.


OPV use mathematical modeling as a tool for the analysis of conditions at the site and also for decision-making system. OPV has various software solutuions for modeling of groundwater flow in the rock environment, including the transport of dissolved substances, natural or stimulated attenuation processes and biodegradation of pollutants. Our employees with many years of expertise in this field use use state-of-the-art software with a close link to the outputs of GIS SYSTEMS. Mathematical models can serve as a basis for a wide range of follow-up processes, such as risk analysis, determination of water resource protection zones, design of monitoring systems, determination of repositories of harmful substances in industrial areas, in the E.I.A. etc. Last but not least, well-developed models lead to a significant increase in the efficiency of follow-up work and to a reduction in the total financial costs of the investor. We determine: prognosis of contamination transport, evaluation of water resources, evaluation of risks associated with pollution, evaluation of remediation intervention alternatives, design of remediation and monitoring systems, protection zones of water resources (OPVZ) and modeling in the processing of notifications or documentation E.I.A. and IPPC.


We provide exploration research and WASTE MANAGEMENT STUDIES , the location of new landfills for industrial and municipal waste, studying the impact of older landfills etc. We perform a comprehensive hydrogeological, hydrological and engineering geological survey for a selected locality. We design and implement remediation and reclamation work and monitoring for old and unsuitable landfills.


We offer snadart and IoT realtime monitoring of the environmental conditions IoT MONITORING Our own IoT gateway and associated devices allow you to monitor the state of the environment in real time, the web platform with access for individual customers also allows data viewing and management with a system of statistical processing and early warning. Furthermore, a connected platform with artificial intelligence is being developed, which also processes satellite / remote sensing data and creates predictive models for the needs of customers and to maintain the best possible state of the environment.

R&D outputs sale- CerACTIVE

We provide production and distribution of NanoCer granulate in cooperation with the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague and subsequent DECONTAMINATION FROM PESTICIDES. The use of cerium oxide nanoparticles is a completely innovative way to destabilize the aromatic nuclei of compounds, with which natural processes are often unable to cope and then represent a long-term burden on the environment. As part of the first stage of development, supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, in the Z√ČTA program, this granulate was developed, for which you can order directly at Mobile: +420 723 085 272, Email: zak.m@opv.czEmail