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Our own IoT gateway and associated devices allow you to monitor the state of the environment in real time, the web platform with access for individual customers also allows data viewing and management with a system of statistical processing and early warning. Furthermore, a connected platform with artificial intelligence is being developed, which also processes satellite / remote sensing data and creates predictive models for the needs of customers and to maintain the best possible state of the environment.
This OPV project provides wider use of an enhanced knowledge base and better understanding of pollution sources, pathways and impacts, including surface hydrology, aquifers and receiving water bodies, as well as the synergistic effects of multiple stressors on groundwater quality.
OPV IoT platform implements advanced prevention and mitigation strategies to protect groundwater against pollution induced by global and climate change, including anticipative approaches preparing for future or emerging challenges and applys effective risk assessment and risk management strategies enabling early warning systems and delivering ready-made outcomes for decision-making and governance.

Further development of the Artificial intelligence (AI), connected to IoT and remote sensing technologies, also understanding the hydrology/hydrogeology and geochemistry problematics, can bring a whole new perspective and possibilities how to protect and enhance water resources.

OPV IoT projects uses satelite services from COPERNICUS and GRACE systems, and our own drone survey technology